Choose the right account

Chequing account

A chequing account lets you deposit money to pay bills and make everyday purchases online or in person. This is a “spending” account.

Why use a chequing account?

  • It generally offers more transactions as part of your monthly fee
  • It lets you pay bills and use your debit card more often for day-to-day spending

Savings account

A savings account lets you deposit money to save for short-term goals or emergencies.

Why use a savings account?

  • It doesn’t typically have a monthly fee, but may have transaction or record-keeping fees
  • It can help you set aside money for when you need it
  • It may help you earn interest


Solutions to consider

CIBC Smart™ Account

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CIBC eAdvantage® Savings Account

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Understanding your account

CIBC Overdraft Protection Service

Other steps you can take

Avoid an NSF fee

Forgot about that payment? With CIBC Smart Balance Alert™, we’ll text you so you can avoid a non-sufficient funds fee and a declined payment.

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