Flexible payments to match your goals

Get options to be mortgage-free faster, or unlock your home's equity to help pay for renovations or your next vacation.

Switch without the hassle

Enjoy a simple, guided experience. We’ll contact your current lender and handle the paperwork.

Expert advice, customized to you

Explore mortgage solutions that meet your unique needs. Our dedicated team of mortgage experts are here to help.

We’ll hold your rate for 120 days

If mortgage interest rates go up, you're protected with a locked-in rate.

Switch and save

Get up to $4,500 cash back when you switch to select CIBC mortgages.

Learn more about getting cash back when you switch your mortgage to CIBC.

Step 1

Speak with an advisor

Together we’ll discuss mortgage options to suit your evolving needs. For example, you may wish to unlock the equity in your home. We'll show you how.

Step 2

Collect and sign your documents

We’ll advise you what forms are required, including the authorization to pay out your current mortgage. We’ll also perform a credit check and answer any questions you have along the way.

Step 3

We’ll help with the rest

Once you're approved, we’ll help discharge your existing mortgage and register a new one.

Documents you’ll need:

  • Government-issued photo ID
  • Verification of your employment and income
  • Annual mortgage statement or mortgage renewal document from your current lender
  • A recent property tax bill
  • Proof of property insurance

Not sure about your documents? No problem. Your advisor can help and will discuss any other documents you may need.

Ready to switch or have questions?

Our advisors are here to help.

Advice from our experts

Switching your mortgage can have many benefits but may take longer than renewing with the same lender. Consider your options in the months leading up to your mortgage renewal date.

It’s always a good idea to review your finances when you switch or renew your mortgage. Consider how interest rates have changed, along with your income and lifestyle.

Whether you’re hoping to refinance your mortgage or pay it off faster, speak with an expert to discuss your goals.

Mortgage tools

Mortgage payment calculator

Find out how changing your payment frequency and making prepayments can save you money.

Home equity calculator

Learn how much you may qualify to borrow through a mortgage or line of credit.

Unlock your home equity

Find out how to use the hidden value in your home to help pay for major purchases.

5-year fixed

Amortizations 25 years or less


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4-year fixed

Amortizations 25 years or less


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3-year fixed

Amortizations 25 years or less


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3-year variable

Amortizations 25 years or less


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