Whether you are saving for a home, retirement or your child's education, you want investment strategies that will help your money grow. Use our calculators and tools to help you plan your investments.

Investor profile

Not sure how to invest your money? Tell us your investment needs and goals, and we’ll determine your investor profile – savings, income, balanced or growth – and recommend the best investments for you.

Net worth worksheet

Use the worksheet to calculate your net worth - the difference between what you own (home, car, investments, etc.) and what you owe (loans, mortgage, credit card and other debts).

GIC calculator

Our GIC Calculator helps you choose the right Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) based on your investment objectives, and uses the interest rate to calculate what you can expect to earn.

TFSA calculator

Find out how much you can save in a Tax Free Savings Account, and how much your savings could grow.

Retirement calculator

Not sure if you are saving enough? The CIBC Retirement Calculator will help you find out if your current and planned RRSP contributions, as well as any other pension income you receive, will meet your retirement income goals.

Retirement checklist

There are many details involved in planning for your retirement. Answer the checklist questions to find out how prepared you are for retirement.

RRSP loan calculator

Maximizing the money saved in your Registered Retirement Savings Plan will help you afford to retire. Use the CIBC RRSP Loan Calculator to see how much a loan can contribute to your RRSP.

Regular investment calculator

If you make regular contributions to your investments, use this rate of return calculator to estimate what your investments might be worth in the future

Investment value calculator

This tool calculates the interest rate on your investments to estimate how much they might be worth in the future.