Explore your cross-border banking options


CIBC US$ Personal Account

Ideal for those who receive U.S. funds, travel across the border and want to save in U.S. dollars.

Earn interest on every dollar saved7

Have your interest calculated daily and get paid monthly.

Don’t worry about currency exchange fluctuations

Deposit and withdraw U.S. dollars from  any CIBC Banking Centre or U.S. currency ATM in Canada without currency conversion.

Use online banking like you’re home

Transfer funds in real-time to other CIBC accounts through online banking.


CIBC Bank USA Smart Account™


Pay no monthly fee for one year

Ideal for frequent travellers who live, travel, shop and work in the U.S.1

Avoid currency conversion fees

Spend, deposit and withdraw U.S. dollars without exchange rates.

Move your money easily

Transfer funds in real-time between your Canadian CIBC accounts and your CIBC Bank USA Smart Account.

Access your cash conveniently

Access your funds from any  CIBC Bank USA ATMs and other ATMs in participating networks in the U.S. without surcharge fees.


CIBC U.S. Dollar Aventura® Gold Visa* Card

Ideal for those who shop in U.S. dollars. Skip the currency conversion fees and earn rewards on everyday U.S. purchases.2, 3,10

Special offer

Enjoy an annual fee rebate if you have a CIBC US$ Personal Account or CIBC Bank USA Smart Account, and a premium CIBC personal credit card.

Interest rate: RDS%rate[2].VSUSD.Published(null,null,6,null)(#O2#)% on purchases11 and RDS%rate[2].VSUSD.Published(null,null,3,null)(#O2#)%
(or RDSRDS%rate[2].VSUSD.Published(null,null,90,null)(#O2#)% for Quebec residents) on cash11 | Annual fee: $35 US

Get 1 Aventura® Point for every $2 you spend

Plus, earn up to 2,500 Aventura Points.3, 4

Move points to and from other Aventura accounts

Transfer your points between your CIBC U.S. Dollar Aventura Gold Visa* Card and other Aventura personal and business products.5

Have protection

Save on car rentals with Auto Rental Collision and Loss Damage Insurance.6


Foreign National Residential Mortgage

CIBC Bank USA offers expert advice and hands-on support to Canadians who want to finance a home in the U.S.12

Take advantage of flexible options

Choose a mortgage that works for your budget and long-term goals.

Don’t worry about prepayment penalties

Prepay all or part of your mortgage at any time without penalty.

Work with a team that knows Canadians

Use your Canadian credit history and your existing relationship with us to your advantage.


CIBC Travel Insurance

Protect yourself from the unexpected when you cross the border.

Depending on the coverage you choose, CIBC Travel Insurance8 may help cover your costs if
  • you have an unexpected medical emergency;
  • you must cancel your trip or return home unplanned; or
  • your baggage is lost or stolen while you’re travelling.9