What is a portfolio solution?

The value of CIBC Portfolio Solutions

Choice and flexibility

Whether you consider yourself a conservative, balanced or growth-oriented investor, there are a range of portfolio solutions available for you.

Broad diversification

Our approach to asset allocation and multi-layer diversification ensures that our portfolio solutions are designed to align to your investor profile.

Professional investment management

Our solutions are managed by an experienced team of investment professionals, and other specialized investment managers from around the world, who work to make sure your portfolio can navigate a changing market while staying aligned with your goals.

Types of CIBC Portfolio Solutions

CIBC Personal Portfolio Services®

Learn more about CIBC Personal Portfolio Services.

CIBC Smart Investment Solutions

CIBC Smart Investment Solutions are modern, all-in-one investment solutions designed for your individual investment goals and life stage. Your portfolio is carefully crafted based on strategic asset allocation, and optimally blends both active and passive investments.

Learn more about CIBC Smart Investment Solutions.

CIBC ETF Portfolios

This investment solution offers professionally constructed, broadly-diversified portfolios designed to keep costs low. CIBC ETF Portfolios are mutual funds that invest in CIBC exchange-traded funds.

Learn more about CIBC ETF Portfolios.

CIBC Sustainable Investment Strategies

CIBC Sustainable Investment Strategies invest primarily in companies that actively pursue environment, social and governance issues and are working towards improving outcomes for their stakeholders.

Learn more about CIBC Sustainable Investment Strategies.

CIBC Managed Portfolio Services®

This service provides access to professional money management in a diversified portfolio. Clients with a minimum investment of $500 select an appropriate CIBC Managed Portfolio based on their needs, objectives and risk profile. CIBC Managed Portfolios are mutual funds that invest in other CIBC Mutual Funds.

Learn more about CIBC Managed Portfolio Services.

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