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What is interest-based advertising?

CIBC, directly or through our partners, uses cookies and other similar technologies to make your experience better by delivering CIBC advertisements that are relevant to you and your interests on our website and third-party websites.

For more information about CIBC’s privacy practices, including our Privacy Policy and Digital Privacy Statement, visit Privacy at a Glance.

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What is AdChoices?

CIBC is a member of the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada’s (DAAC) AdChoices program. AdChoices is a self-regulatory program for companies participating in online interest-based advertising. The program aims to give Canadians more information and choices about the advertising they get. To learn more about this program, visit DAAC AdChoicesOpens a new window in your browser.


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How do I manage my advertising preferences and opt out?

AdChoices has a tool that will scan all of the advertising cookies held on your browser (including non-CIBC related cookies) and a separate app for managing what data is collected across apps on your mobile device. You can use these tools to manage your interest-based advertising preferences for all companies that participate in the AdChoices program. To manage your preferences and opt out, visit:

If you opt-out of interest-based advertising, you may still get CIBC advertising, but it won’t be tailored to you.