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What does CIBC do if I lose money to fraud?

It's our guarantee that, so long as you've done your part, we'll get you back any money you've lost due to fraud.

I think I’ve been a victim of fraud. What can I do?

Fraud can come in many ways, from phony email messages to cheque scams. Learn how to spot a scam, view recent fraud alerts, and report any fraud you think you’ve come across.

I’ve received a message from CIBC. How do I know if it’s fraud?

Not all messages that claim to be from CIBC are from us. Digital fraud can come in many forms, such as emails and texts that look like they’re from legitimate sources. Learn what to look for.

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What are some ways I can make banking safer?

We’re constantly improving how you can bank safely and securely – but the first line of defense starts with you. Get expert advice, tips and more ways to keep you and your information safe from fraudsters.

What should I look out for before using a third-party app? 

Understand how your data is used on non-CIBC apps and how you can protect yourself when you sign up. 

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What does CIBC do with my information?

Find out more about how we use your information, and what information we keep, in our Privacy Policy.

What verification methods does CIBC use?

In-person authentication

In-person authentication is a banking centre security process that protects you and your finances against fraud.

Voice verification

Voice verification is a security feature that helps us identify you by your voice and unique voice pattern. This protects you from fraud and provides faster verification.

Interac® verification service

With security and privacy at its core, the Interac verification service app can help you share personal information with peace of mind.

Think you've been a victim of fraud? Let's get in touch.


 Describe the fraudulent incident

 Attach or include any fraudulent emails you received or anti-virus/anti-spyware scan logs

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