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What does CIBC do if I lose money to fraud?

It is our guarantee that, so long as you've done your part, we'll get you back any money you've lost due to fraud.

I think I’ve been a victim of fraud. What can I do?

Fraud can come in many ways, from phony email messages to cheque scams. Learn how to spot a scam, view recent fraud alerts, and report any fraud you think you’ve come across.

Recent Online Fraud Alerts

Text Messages

From: 1 (647) 673-1589opens your phone app

CIBC ALERT! Your account is suspended. Update the missing information here: [Link Removed] in order to restore your CIBC account…

Mar 20, 2017


Subject: ***Banking Notification***

You have received this email because we recorded a several number of failed sign on attempts to your account…

Mar 23, 2017

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What are some ways I can make my banking safer?

We’re constantly improving how you can bank safely and securely – but the first line of defense starts with you. Get expert advice, tips and more ways to keep you and your information safe from fraudsters.

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What does CIBC do with my information?

Find out more about how we use your information, and what information we keep, in our Privacy Policy.

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How can I share my digital identity securely?

With security and privacy at its core, the Verified.Me app can help you share personal information with a peace of mind.

Think you've been a victim of fraud? Let's get in touch.

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 Describe the fraudulent incident

 Attach or include any fraudulent emails you received or anti-virus or anti-spyware scan logs

 Describe the fraudulent incident

 Attach or include any fraudulent emails you received or anti-virus/anti-spyware scan logs

Private and Investment Counsel

Contact your Investment Advisor

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Contact your investment advisor or call clients relations at

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