Your voice is one of a kind

Just like your fingerprint, it's secure and unique to you.

Help protect against fraud

Your voice has its own unique characteristics. With voice verification technology, your voice is used to help protect you from fraud in real time.

Use your voice for identity verification

The voice verification feature is simple to use and is provided at no charge to you. You may not need to use PINs, passwords or answer any security questions.

Save time with faster verification

When you call us, we'll use voice verification to verify your identity as you speak so we can help you faster, easier and more securely.

Voice verification is here

We can set you up in 3 easy steps. You can also opt out of voice verification for the purpose of verifying your identity any time you want.

You must be 13 or over to enrol. In Quebec, you must be 14 or over to enrol. 

Step 1: As you call our Contact Centres, we may provide you with the opportunity to enrol. 

We’ll verify your identity and confirm your eligibility.

Step 2: Set up your voice verification

We'll guide you through the process. Your natural speech will help us enrol you.

Step 3: Your voice will be used to verify your identity when you speak to us

You’re all set. Using your voice makes the process of verifying your identity quick and easy.

Your voice verification questions answered