Privacy at a Glance

Doing business with a financial institution involves providing information about yourself. How CIBC collects, uses and shares your personal information is explained in our privacy policy “Your Privacy is Protected”. By providing us with your personal information you are consenting to this privacy policy which is available at any branch or office of CIBC.

Our privacy policy is consistent with our CIBC Privacy Principles, and is in addition to our Digital Privacy Statement and the terms of your agreements with us.

For your convenience, the following are some highlights of our privacy policy.

What is personal information?

  • Personal information means any information about an identifiable individual.
  • It can be in any form including paper, electronic, video or voice recording.

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What personal information does CIBC collect?

  • We usually collect the following types of information: contact, identity, financial, transactional, and other information that helps us to understand more about you.
  • Much of the information comes from you but we may also collect information from third parties such as credit bureaus, public records, or government agencies and registries.
  • We may monitor or record our conversations with you (e.g., telephone calls) and use surveillance, including videotaping, around our branches and ABMs.

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How does CIBC use and share personal information?

  • We use and share your personal information to provide you with our products or services, to communicate with you, to offer you additional products or services including targeted promotions, and to manage our business including our credit and other risks.
  • Specifically, we may also use and share information within CIBC* and with other parties in order to protect you and us from error, to prevent and detect criminal activity, and to meet our legal and regulatory obligations.
  • Depending on your products or services with us, we may share information with our program partners or with your joint account holders.

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How does CIBC protect personal information?

  • We take appropriate steps to protect your personal information from unauthorized use, loss, or theft and we audit our security procedures and assess that they remain effective and appropriate.
  • Employees who have access to your information are made aware of the importance of keeping it confidential.

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What are my privacy choices?

  • You may request that we do not use your SIN for credit bureau matching purposes.
  • You may withdraw your consent to receive marketing offers for products and services.
  • Upon request and subject to certain exceptions, we will provide you with access to your personal information so you can ensure it is accurate and complete.

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We have steps you can follow if you have questions or concerns about your privacy.

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These highlights are for informational purposes only.

For full details about how CIBC collects, uses or shares personal information, see our privacy policy, Your Privacy is Protected, which is available at any CIBC branch or office of CIBC.

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