Prevention starts with education

Safe or scam? Test your fraud knowledge.

Our promise for your money

If you've been affected by fraud and have met your responsibilities to keep your accounts safe, we'll help you get your money back. To learn more about the security guidelines for your accounts, review our Digital Banking Guarantee.

Know how to protect yourself

Recognize the signs and minimize the impact

Identify different types of fraud and scams

Report fraud, scams or suspicious activity

Feel safe when you bank with us

Receive fraud alert as a text message. Verify the transaction by responding Y or N.

Verify transactions with real-time fraud alerts

Learn more about fraud prevention

The Little Black Book of Scams Opens in a new window.

Download the Canadian Competition Bureau's guide to scams in 8 different languages.

Canadian Bankers Association Opens in a new window.

Read about the latest news and trends in fraud awareness and prevention.

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Opens in a new window.

Spot and avoid scams that could exploit your tax and personal information.

Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre Opens in a new window.

Report fraud when it happens and track the latest data on fraud happening in Canada.

Business banking fraud (PDF, 925 KB) Opens in a new window.

Discover common types of fraud that target small- to medium-sized businesses.

Protect yourself from identity theft (PDF, 60 KB) Opens in a new window.

Keep your personal information safe and recognize the signs of a scam targeting your identity.

Notice anything suspicious? Let us know.