Learn about the different types of fraud and scams

Debit and credit card fraud

Identity fraud and theft

Interac e-Transfer® interception fraud


Job scams

Telephone fraud

Money mule scams

CRA scams

Job scams

Debit and credit card fraud

Identity theft and fraud


Romance scams

Emergency scams

Telephone fraud

Investment scams

Contact us immediately if you notice any unauthorized activity on your account.

Bank safely with our tips

Make unique and difficult passwords that only you know and are hard to guess. Passwords shouldn't contain personal information.

Use different passwords for your accounts. Don't save them on your device or write them down. Learn how to reset your password.

Use alerts on your bank accounts and credit cards to monitor your account activity. Follow our steps to set up alerts.

Your history should only consist of transactions you've made or authorized. If you don't recognize a transaction, let us know right away.

Going paperless can reduce the risk of identity theft while making it easy to review your history. Use our guide to switch to eStatements.

Send money instantly or deposit money directly into your account. Otherwise, create unique, one-time security questions and answers.

Be alert when navigating websites or responding to emails and texts. Don't click on suspicious links and attachments.

If you receive a message asking for immediate action and don't know the sender, look out for spelling mistakes or threatening language.

Install antiviral software on your computer and learn more about port protection for your SIM from your mobile service provider.

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