What's identity fraud and identity theft?

Identity fraud happens when a fraudster uses stolen personal information. Often, it's used to commit fraud and hide criminal activity. This includes pretending to be someone else when applying for bank accounts, loans or credit cards. Identity theft is a deliberate act to steal personal information. A fraudster may dumpster dive, steal mail, use phishing emails, computer spyware or malware to get this information.  

Warning signs of identity fraud and theft

  • Your credit score has changed. 
  • Your phone or internet service has been disconnected because of non-payment.
  • You receive notifications about new accounts in your name or have unauthorized transactions in your account.
  • You're missing bills and statements. This may be a sign that your mail has been stolen or your mailing address has been changed.
  • You receive calls from creditors or collection agencies. This may be a sign that you've been approved or denied credit you haven't applied for or an account you don't have. 

Follow our best practices to protect yourself

  • Report any suspicious or unauthorized activity immediately
  • Never use the same password or reuse an old password
  • Pick up your mail daily and switch to electronic statements
  • Shred any mail or statements that have your personal information
  • Review your statements regularly to ensure all transactions are genuine 
  • Use the CIBC Mobile Banking App to check your credit score for free
  • Place an alert on your credit bureau and bank products to get notified of any activity
  • Memorize your passwords and PINs and never share this information with anyone 
  • Install up-to-date antivirus software, anti-spyware and a firewall on your computer
  • Avoid giving personal information over the phone when you're in a public place
  • After completing a transaction online, sign out of the website and clear your browser’s cookies and cache

Our promise for your money

If you've been affected by fraud and have met your responsibilities to keep your accounts safe, we'll help you get your money back. To learn more about the security guidelines for your accounts, review our Digital Banking Guarantee.

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