Why make the switch to eStatements?

Always available

View up to 7 years of your credit card and bank account eStatements online and on your mobile device. You can also view eStatements online for your personal lines of credit and investment accounts2.

Super convenient

Save and print your statements. Or download them to use with your personal finance software.

Less clutter

Breathe easier with no more paper statements to file or shred. You’ll also help the environment3.

Video: How to access and view your CIBC eStatements (5:16)

CIBC eStatements are a great way for you to review your balance and banking activity from anywhere, at any time.

Transcript for the video, how to access and view your CIBC eStatements. Opens in a new window.

How to access and use your monthly CIBC eStatements (PDF, 1.2 MB) Opens in a new window.

From paperwork to paperless in 5 easy steps

Step two
On the My Accounts page, select “View eStatements.”
CIBC My Accounts page
Step three
In the Account drop down menu, select the account you want to switch and select “Edit Preferences.”
CIBC eStatements page
Step four
Select “Statement Preferences” and choose your alert preferences.
CIBC Edit Statements Preferences page
Step five
Select “Submit” and the switch is complete.
Select submit on the Edit Statements Preferences, verify page

Make the switch to eStatements today