Mortgage tools and calculators


Mortgage tools

Get pre-qualified

  • It's the first step in buying your first home or selling your existing home to buy another
  • Get an estimate of how much you can borrow in just a few seconds
  •  It won't affect your credit score

Get pre-approved


  • Tell us about what you're looking for and we'll pair you with a mortgage expert
  • We'll guide you through the ins and outs of financing a home so it's more affordable to you
  •  Get tailored advice with no cost or obligation

Apply for a mortgage


  • Get a mortgage for your first or next property
  • Transfer your existing mortgage to CIBC
  • Refinance your mortgage to secure a great rate
  • Use your home equity to help pay for major purchases or consolidate debt

Mortgage calculators

Mortgage affordability calculator

Input your income and expenses to get an estimate on how much mortgage you can afford. Want an even more personalized experience? Check out our pre-qualification tool.

Mortgage payment calculator

Calculate how much your mortgage payments could be. See how changing your payment frequency and making prepayments might help you save on your interest cost over the life of your mortgage.

Mortgage prepayment charge calculator

Pay off your mortgage faster. Find out what it may cost you to pay all or part of your closed mortgage before the maturity date.

Home equity calculator

Borrowing from your home equity could help you make a major purchase, renovate or consolidate debt. Calculate your available home equity and how much you could borrow based on this amount.