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5 ways to manage your spending as a student

Learn how to balance your student budget so you have enough money for the essentials and some fun extras too.

 Read article (3 minutes) 5 ways to manage your spending as a student.

4 steps to tackle student debt and save for other goals

From paying down debt to building savings, learn money management skills to achieve your goals for today and the future.

 Read article (3 minutes) 4 steps to tackle student debt and save for other goals.

Budget like a boss

Learn the basics of budgeting so you can buy the things you need (and want), while saving for the future.

 Read article (4 minutes) Budget like a boss.

A crash course on credit

Boost your financial smarts and learn how to build your credit history, establish good credit, and check your credit score.

 Read article (2 minutes) A crash course on credit.

Avoiding interest

With bills, books, food and tuition, you have enough expenses. Why spend more if you don’t have to?

 Read article (3 minutes) Avoiding interest.

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Planning for post secondary

Graduating from high school

Your high school years are coming to a close and you have many options. Here are just a few ideas to think about.

 Read article (2 minutes) Graduating from high school.

Choosing a school

You've decided to take the plunge and head to university or college. But how do you decide where to go?

 Read article (3 minutes) Choosing a school.

Scholarships 101

If there’s only one thing you need to know about scholarships, it’s that you should apply.

 Read article (2 minutes) Scholarships 101.

Grow your student savings

Every dollar you save adds up. These tips will help you get a head start on savings.

 Read article (3 minutes) Grow your student savings.

A guide to student loans

With tuition costs on the rise, discover how you can finance your education.

 Read article (4 minutes) A guide to student loans.

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How to pay for your education

Show me the money: Financing your education

Even with a part-time job and summer employment, you could find yourself short on tuition money. If you’re looking for alternative sources of financing, the government and banks are a good place to start.

 Read article (2 minutes) Show me the money: Financing your education.

Borrowing options for students and parents

Even if you’ve saved for your post-secondary education, you may still need to borrow to make ends meet — either before you begin or along the way.

 Read article (2 minutes) Borrowing options for students and parents.

How to prepare for a loan

If you’re like most students, your savings probably won’t cover all of your education costs.

 Read article (2 minutes) How to prepare for a loan.

Living on your own

Home sweet home: Off-campus living

Thinking about moving out of residence or your parents' home? There's a lot you can learn before you make the move.

 Read article (2 minutes) Home sweet home: Off-campus living.

What to look for when signing a lease

Before you sign a lease, here are some “Do’s and Don’ts” to consider.

 Read article (2 minutes) What to look for when signing a lease.

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Learn how to fund your education and get tailored tips for building your savings, managing your spending and more.

Student credit card selector

As a student, you need a credit card that gives you the best value based on your lifestyle, spending habits and priorities.

Mortgage affordability calculator

Thinking about your first home? Use our calculator to get an estimate on the price range that fits your budget, along with mortgage details.