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Budgeting for Student Life

Managing your finances can be challenging. But, with #CIBCStudentLife, we make it easy for you. Hear what your peers have to say and simplify your life.

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Student Budget Calculator

Paying for School

Higher Education isn’t cheap. The good news is there are lots of options to help pay for school. Check out what other students have to say.

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Unlimited is better

Unlimited transactions. No monthly fees. It’s that simple.

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Understanding your credit score

Your Credit Score can be important. Your fellow students know why. Do you?

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Getting Smart About Budgets

Learn how to make — and stick to — a budget.

Learn more: Getting smart about budgets

Scoring High with Credit

If you have a credit card or a student loan, you have started to build a credit rating.

Learn more: Scoring high with credit

Three Ways to Save (And Still Have a Life)

Feel like you have a million expenses? Find ways to stretch your funds by making the most of what you’ve got.

Learn more: Three ways to save (and still have a life)

Avoiding Interest

With bills, books, food and tuition, you have enough expenses. Why spend more if you don’t have to?

Learn more: Avoiding interest

Credit Cards 101: Staying on the Smart Side of Credit

Tips to help start and build a smart relationship with your credit card.

Learn more: Credit cards 101 — staying on the smart side of credit

All About Stocks

Even if you aren't planning to buy stocks yet, you should get to know the stock market. Learning how it works can help you become a more-educated investor — and just might pay off in the long run.

Learn more: All about stocks

 Investing 101

Understand the basics of investing and why it’s important to start early.

Learn moreabout the basics of investing.

Your investing personality

Knowing what kind of an investor you are can play a major role in helping you put together an investment portfolio.

Learn moreabout investing personalities.

Managing your investments

Find out the tips on managing your investment portfolio.

Learn moreabout how to manage your investments.


Graduating from High School

Your high school years are coming to a close and you have many options. Here are just a few ideas to think about.

Learn more: graduating from high school

Choosing a School

You've decided to take the plunge and head to university or college. But how do you decide where to go?

Learn more: choosing a school

Scholarships 101

If there’s only one thing you need to know about scholarships, it’s that you should apply.

Learn more: Scholarships 101

Savvy Savings Tips

There are lots of reasons to save. Maybe you want to buy a car, take a trip or even retire comfortably someday. To learn how, read on.

Learn more: Savvy savings tips

A Guide to Student Loans

With tuitions on the rise, financial help is a reality for most students.

Learn more: a guide to student loans

The Basics of Student Loans

Understand the options available for financial help with post-secondary education expenses.

Learn more: basics of student loans


CIBC Scholarships

CIBC is committed to supporting students pursuing higher education and awards scholarships in partnership with universities and colleges across Canada.

Learn more: CIBC Scholarships

Show Me the Money — Financing Your Education

Even with a part-time job and summer employment, you could find yourself short on tuition money come September. If you’re looking for alternative sources of financing, the government and banks are a good place to start.

Learn more: Show me the money — financing your education

Borrowing Options for Students and Parents

Even if you’ve saved for your post-secondary education, you may still need to borrow to make ends meet — either before you begin or along the way.

Learn more: Borrowing options for students and parents

How to Prepare for a Loan

If you’re like most students, your savings probably won’t cover all of your education costs.

Learn more: How to prepare for a loan

Is it Time to Withdraw Money from an RESP?

What you need to know when it's time to withdraw money from a registered education savings account.

Learn more: when it's time to withdraw from an RESP.


Home Sweet Home: Off-Campus Living

Rooms for rent. Houses for rent. Bachelor apartments. One-bedrooms and four-bedrooms. Then there are leases, landlords and rent cheques… Ah, the life of a student away from home.

Learn more: Home sweet home — off-campus living

What to Look for When Signing a Lease

Before you sign a lease, here are some “Do’s and Don’ts” to consider.

Learn more: What to look for when signing a lease


CIBC Smart® for Students

Enroll in CIBC Smart for Students with no monthly fee, unlimited transactions and free unlimited Interac e-Transfer® service on your CIBC Smart™ Account.

Learn morelearn more about the CIBC Smart for Students

Classic Visa* Card for Students

A great everyday Visa card for students that offers a wide range of convenient features.

Learn morelearn more about the Classic Visa card for students.

CIBC Education Line of Credit

A line of credit designed to help you manage the cost of your post-secondary education.

Learn morelearn more about the CIBC education line of credit

CIBC Investor’s Edge for Students

Start building your investment portfolio on a student budget using our online platform and educational tools.

Learn moreabout Investor’s Edge student pricing.

Professional Edge® Line of Credit

Borrow up to $300,000* (depending on your field of study) to help cover tuition, rent, books, school supplies, living and residency costs for your program.

Learn morelearn more about the Professional Edge line of credit


So you’re graduating from university

For as long as you can remember, September has meant returning to a place where you do work and get grades. But this year, graduation means that job hunting is on the agenda.

Learn more: So you're graduating university

The Next Big Step: Starting Your Career

You’re getting up at the crack of dawn and joining the morning rush hour. Instead of daytime TV, there’s the water cooler. And there will definitely be consequences if you skip.

Learn more: The next big step — starting your career

Navigating Your Career in Today’s Work World

If you want to survive — and thrive — in today’s work world, you have to be aware and you have to be prepared.

Learn more: Navigating your career in today’s work world

Acing the Job Interview

Think of an interview like an audition — your appearance and performance are critical if you want to land the part.

Learn more: Acing the job interview

Negotiating Salary and Benefits

As a recent graduate, you’re probably just so happy to be offered a job that the thought of negotiating a salary never crosses your mind. And benefits, that’s what parents are for, right? Not exactly!

Learn more: Negotiating salary and benefits

Preparing for the New Work World

You’re set! You can handle the new work world, because you’re all about challenge and change!

Learn more: Preparing for the new work world

CIBC Mobile Banking

CIBC Mobile Banking lets you bank on the go with your smartphone. Check out our FREE downloads for your iPhone®, BlackBerry®, and Android™!

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