You’re in control — pay how and when you want

Shop in person

Shop in Canada using: 

It’s a quick, easy and safe alternative to paying with cash. You’ll also get access to one of Canada’s largest ATM networks.

Tap up to $250 in Canada

Get through the checkout quicker without touching the PIN pad. Tap for purchases like coffee, groceries or gas, up to $250 at stores in Canada. You can even tap to pay at participating public transit Opens in a new window. locations. Just hold your card or mobile device over the reader and wait for the transaction to complete.

Shop online and in-app

Use your debit card for things like:

  • Online and in app purchases including shopping, booking flights and ordering food
  • Subscription services including video streaming or your favourite subscription box — just select Visa at checkout
  • Pre-authorized bill payments including phone or utilities — just register your card with your service provider

When you use your debit card, the money comes right out of your CIBC bank account so you can track all your spending from one place. Your money is safe thanks to security features you can trust1

You can also do your everyday banking anytime with: 

Shop internationally

Use your debit card at millions of merchants in over 200 countries, wherever Visa* is accepted.

When paying, select Visa, if required, and enter your PIN. The purchase will be deducted from your bank account.2 It’s that simple!

You can also use your debit card to withdraw cash at ATMs that display the Visa* or PLUS logos.

Save money with rewards and discounts

Save up to 10 cents per litre on gas

Link and use your CIBC card with Journie Rewards to save on gas at participating Pioneer, Fas Gas, Ultramar and Chevron and locations.

Learn more about Journie Rewards

Get money back at popular retailers

Start getting money back on your everyday purchases at top retailers with CIBC and Paymi.

Learn more about Paymi 

Student deals and discounts with SPC+ and CIBC

Put away money for tuition and books by saving on everyday purchases. Get a free SPC+ membership as a CIBC student or youth client.

Learn more about SPC+

You’re always protected

Visa* Zero Liability Policy1 and Interac Zero Liability Policy3 

Active fraud monitoring 

Convenience and security for your everyday banking (PDF, 1.2 MB) Opens in a new window.

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