With Samsung Pay, you can pay with your CIBC credit card simply by using a compatible Samsung® device. 

And it’s accepted just about everywhere. Wherever you can tap or swipe a credit card, you can use Samsung Pay. 

When it’s time to pay, just follow these three easy steps:

An image of a phone featuring a close-up inlay of the home button.

Swipe up

Swipe up from the home button. Or, select the Samsung Pay icon from your home screen or app tray.

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Authorize your payment by scanning your fingerprint or entering your PIN.

An image of a phone hovering over a card reader.

Hover and pay

Hover your phone over the in-store card reader. And there you have it. It’s that easy!

First things first – you’ll need to register. To do so, go to the Samsung Pay registration page by selecting the button below and follow the on-screen instructions.

An image of a phone screen with an inlay featuring close-up of the Samsung Pay icon.

After you’ve installed it, open Samsung Pay from the Apps menu. Select “Add Card” and use your camera to capture your card information. Or simply enter it manually.

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Follow the on-screen instructions and accept the Terms & Conditions.

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Verify your card by using a one-time passcode. Sign with your finger or stylus and select “Save”. Then, select “Done”. You’re all set. 

Want more info? Check out the FAQ below. 

Samsung Pay uses several layers of security. And, it doesn’t store or share any of your payment information on your phone. 

On top of that, all your CIBC credit card transactions are already protected by our zero-liability coverage1

So go out and enjoy your shopping, worry-free!

A phone hovering over a card reader.

Get a CIBC credit card today and start experiencing the convenience of Samsung Pay.

An image of the CIBC Visa Infinite Aventura card.

Frequently asked questions