Here’s how you qualify for CIBC Investor’s Edge student pricing:


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Get a bank account with no monthly fees and unlimited transactions.1

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Choose one or more of our account types depending on your investment goals.

Why start now?

This is how investing early can pay off big-time:

If you start investing now by setting aside $25 every week, assuming a 6% rate of return, you’ll have about $7,550 in 5 years or more than $200,000 in 40 years.*

The longer you wait to start investing, the more you’ll need to set aside every week to reach the same amount.

Years of investing Return
5 years $7,550
10 years $17,654
20 years $49,270
30 years $105,888
40 years $207,284

CIBC Investor’s Edge accounts

Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)

  • Pay no tax on interest, income or capital gains earned within your account
  • Withdraw money tax-free at any time

Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)

  • Lower your taxable income while investing for your long-term goals 
  • Pay no tax on the earnings and growth within your RRSP, until you withdraw money

Non-registered account

  • Access your money easily
  • Invest however much you want without worrying about reaching a maximum

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