Build my portfolio

A portfolio is all of your investments put together. 

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Balance risk with variety

Go for variety in your portfolio. Consider investing in a variety of industries across different countries. Offset more risky investments with conservative choices. Even if one investment doesn’t do well, the chances are that the rest will help with the overall results. 

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Investment management fees

Before choosing your investments, make sure you understand your costs and fees. Any fees you pay can have a negative impact on your returns. If you think your fees are too high, look for investments that will cost you less. 

Manage my portfolio

Monitor your investments

Don’t forget to review your portfolio regularly. After a while, the value of some investment types may grow faster than others. When that happens, you’ll need to adjust them to keep your portfolio balanced.

Tweak your portfolio

Make sure your investments continue to give you the best chances for you to reach your goals. When you have big life changes like graduating, getting a job or deciding to start a business, consider the changes you might need to make to your portfolio. 

Don’t feel like you need to adjust your portfolio every day! While it’s good to keep an eye on the market, daily monitoring can lead to impulsive decisions you may regret later. 

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