Identity fraud

Contact us if someone has stolen your personal information.

 1-800-465-2422 Opens your phone app.

Email and website fraud

Contact us if you think you may have been a victim of fraud (email fraud, text message fraud, phishing, spyware). If you email us, describe the incident and include any fraudulent emails you've received or your anti-virus or anti-spyware scan logs.


 1-888-872-2422 Opens your phone app.

Debit card fraud

Contact us if there's unauthorized activity in your account or your debit card has been compromised. 

 1-800-465-2422 Opens your phone app.

Credit card fraud

Contact us if there's unauthorized activity in your account or your credit card has been compromised. 

 1-800-465-4653 Opens your phone app.

CIBC Investor's Edge and Imperial Investor Service

Contact us if there's suspicious activity in your account(s). 

 1-800-567-3343 Opens your phone app.

CIBC Wood Gundy

Contact your investment advisor or call Client Relations if there's suspicious activity in your account. 

 1-800-387-2979 Opens your phone app.

Our promise for your money

If you've been affected by fraud and have met your responsibilities to keep your accounts safe, we'll help you get your money back. To learn more about the security guidelines for your accounts, review our Digital Banking Guarantee.

Review your account activity to identify any unauthorized activity.
Check your personal information to ensure it's accurate.
Activate your new credit card with our telephone banking system.
Choose unique banking passwords and change them often on a clean device (free of malicious software).
Place a fraud alert on your file by contacting a credit reporting agency, such as Equifax Opens in a new window. and Transunion Opens in a new window..
Report compromised cards and accounts immediately by visiting a banking centre or calling us at  1-800-465-2422 Opens your phone app..
Install up-to-date anti-virus software, spyware software and a firewall on your computer and run full scans regularly to remove any potential threats.
Check email and telephone message forwarding and redirect settings to ensure there are no rules that you didn't set.
Contact your phone provider if you can't make calls or send texts on your device, or if you've been notified that your number has been activated on another device.