Credit Bureau Checks

Important information about how your personal information may be exchanged with credit bureaus when applying for products and on an ongoing basis:

(i) Applying for products:

If you consent to a credit check, we will exchange your personal information with a credit bureau for the purposes of qualifying you for products, determining your access to funds, verifying your identity and to protect against fraud.

(ii) Ongoing basis:

Where you hold a credit product (such as credit card, loan, line of credit or mortgage with CIBC or a deposit account with overdraft protection or hold or withdrawal limits), we will exchange information about you with credit bureaus on an ongoing basis for as long as you hold the product and for a reasonable time afterwards. This may include information about your current and past credit accounts such as type, amount, payment history, collections actions, legal proceedings, or other information that the credit bureau has collected from your other lenders. We may collect, use and share this information to verify your creditworthiness, assess and manage our credit risks, establish credit and hold limits, qualify you for other products and services, and detect and prevent fraud. We may also periodically update your information with credit bureaus to help maintain the integrity of the credit reporting system.

This ongoing exchange is explained in the “Credit bureaus” section of our Canadian privacy policy (PDF, 245 KB) Opens in a new window. By agreeing to our Privacy Policy when applying for a credit product or deposit account with overdraft protection or hold or withdrawal limits, you are consenting to this ongoing exchange of your personal information with credit bureaus.

You can access or correct the personal information contained in your credit report by contacting Equifax Canada and/or TransUnion directly through their respective websites at Opens in a new window. and Opens in a new window..

Equifax Canada Co.
National Consumer Relations
Box 190
Montreal, Quebec
H1S 2Z2

TransUnion of Canada Inc.
3115 Harvester Road
Burlington, Ontario
L7N 3N8