March is National Fraud Prevention Month

CIBC is pleased to participate in the National Fraud Prevention Month in co-operation with the Government of Canada, law enforcement and the Canadian Bankers Association. National Fraud Prevention Month is intended to educate consumers on fraud-related issues and provide guidance on how to Recognize, Reject and Report fraud.

Here are some common fraud schemes to watch out for:

Examples of phony phone calls

You may get a phone call from someone falsely claiming to be from the bank. 

Example 1:

  • "It’s "your bank" calling, can you help me with an investigation…"

Neither your bank or Law Enforcement will ever ask you to withdraw or send money as part of an investigation.

Example 2:

  • "It’s Eric calling from "your bank" we are having a system outage, can I help process transactions for you?"

Never give your PINs, Password or One Time Verification Codes to someone on the phone.

Email Impersonation

You may receive an email from someone falsely claiming to be either a CEO or a supplier from your work. 

Example 1:

  • "It’s me, "your CEO" are you at your desk? I need a wire transfer sent. Don’t tell anyone, it is a secret…"

Example 2:

  • "It’s me, "your supplier" can you update my payment information…"

Fraudsters can create email addresses that look similar to those of suppliers and company executives. Make sure to verify your payments verbally before making the payment. 

Phishing – Fraudulent Texts and Emails

You may get a text message or email from someone you don’t know has sent you an unclaimed money request. 


  • "[Somebody you don’t know (or who would never give you money back)] has sent you money, click here to receive it"

Fraudsters try to gain access to your banking information through fake emails and texts. They will often ask you to share your PIN, SIN, or any other personal information that they could use to steal your identity.

Be cautious when you receive an unsolicited payment, particularly when they ask for your personal information. 

Be skeptical of unsolicited calls, text and emails. If you’re unsure, call us at 1-800-465-2422. We’re here to help.

To learn more about how CIBC helps protect your personal information, please visit our security page.


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