Below are examples of fraudulent emails and SMS text messages sent to CIBC clients:

CIBC Action Required: Confirm Account

Type: Email

From: CIBC

Date: Dec 31, 2020

To: [Email Address]


CIBC Follow up: Action required for your account
Hi Dear,

We are following up on our previous email and want to help you manage your account.
Our records detect that some of your information is missing or incorrect, maybe it happened because of unexpected error or someone changed your information securely.
Please confirm some of your information to bring your account up to date.
To go forward confirming your account click the button bellow:

Confirm Now [Link Removed]


Raymond Smith
Director, Client Account Management


*** Please do not respond to this email. This is an outgoing message only. *** 

Mailing address: P.O. Box 157, Commerce Court Station, Toronto Ontario M5L 1A2

To view CIBC’s Privacy policy, visit and click on the “Privacy and Security” link at the bottom right of the page. You will find the link to the Privacy Policy on the top right of the “Privacy and Security” page.

Notice of Policy Update

Type: Email

From: CIBC

Date: Nov 23, 2020

To: [Email Address]

Subject: Notice of Policy Update

CIBC Service


Your account is not safe, please login and confirm your phone number to enable authentication to make it more secure.

Verify now [Link Removed]

Copyright © 2020 CIBC. All Rights Reserved.

Online Access Locked ! 

Type: Email

From: CIBC

Date: Nov 20, 2020

To: [Email Address]

Subject: Online Access Locked !

Dear Sir/Madam,

This e-mail has been sent to you by CIBC Canada to
inform you that your account will be deactivated
within the next 24 hours due to several unsuccessful
login attempts on it.

To prevent this to happen please login securely to our
activation link below:

[Link Removed]

If you have already confirmed your information then please disregard this message.

CIBC CANADA member services.


Type: SMS

From: N/A

Date: Oct 4, 2020

Subject: This is for [number removed]

This is for [number removed]

We've now locked your
CIBC card access
See link below to restore:
[link removed]

REF# BS3322


Type: SMS

From: 1-438-389-XXXX

Date: Oct 2, 2020

Subject: New alert for [number removed]

New alert for [number removed]

We've have now blocked your CIBC
online login, due to system update.
Restore your account immediately:
[link removed]

Reply 1 if you wish to unsubscribe

REF #CI2203


Type: Email

From: CIBC Banking

Date: Sept 9, 2020

To: [Email Address]

Subject: Verification

Account Update Required

Recent payment on hold pending account verification.
Please follow below instructions to update account details now.

SUPPORT TEAM. [link removed]   


Type: SMS

From: 1-917-375-XXXX

Date: Sept 4, 2020

Subject: This is for [number removed]

This is for [number removed]

New CIBC secure-alert, your
account is locked.

Restore here:
[link removed]

Ref# EP3314


Type: SMS

From: 1-302-310-XXXX

Date: July 2, 2020

Subject: Dear [name removed]

Dear [name removed] , your
C.I.B.C account has been locked.
Log in to restore : [Link removed]


Type: SMS

From: 1-431-541-XXXX

Date: Apr 29, 2020

Subject: (CERBHelp)

(CERBHelp) :Compen
sation of $2000
successfully for
~[number removed]
--------------[Link removed]


Type: SMS

From: 1-431-541-XXXX

Date: Apr 23, 2020

Subject: [number removed]

[number removed]: A financial support
of $1805.60 CAD after tax has
been issued to you due to the
C0VID-19 crisis. Visit
-----[link removed]



Type: Email

From: CIBC

Date: Apr 21, 2020

To: [Email Address]


Just to let you know that We are committed to helping you through these challenging times. We have put measures in place to offer temporary relief from deffered payments for clients who are experiencing financial hardship to Business Client Support and hardship relief for small businesses and families.In times of crisis, it’s important to come together as a community to support one another. We’re committed to maintaining a high level of banking access and support, providing expert advice and protecting our team and you. This includes keeping you informed of the actions we’re taking on behalf of our clients and employees. If you're facing financial hardship and want to request help, complete our financial assistance form through the link below .

Click here to access assistance [link removed]

Register Here.  


This email was sent from a notification-only address that does not accept email replies. Please do not reply directly to this email. 

   ATTENTION : This email originated outside your organization. Exercise caution before clicking links, opening attachments, or responding with personal information.


Type: SMS

From: 1-416-571-XXXX

Date: Apr 1, 2020

Subject: CIBC Mobile Msg :

CIBC Mobile Msg :

This is for
[number removed]

Account has been
Visit below to

[link removed]



Type: Type: SMS

From: 1-484-386-XXXX

Date: Mar 29, 2020

Subject: INTERAC e-Transfer :

INTERAC e-Transfer:
Government of Canada
sent you money.
[link removed]


Type: SMS

From: 1-484-386-XXXX

Date: Mar 26, 2020

Subject: Alert

Alert: The emergency response
Benefit of Canada relief fund
Has sent you a deposit for
$1375.50. See, [link removed]
.Data rates may apply.


Type: SMS

From: 1-250-415-XXXX

Date: Mar 17, 2020

Subject: *CIBC*

Please complete our COVID-19
Process at:
[link removed]
in order to avoid any


Type: Email

From: CIBC

Date: Mar 15, 2020

To: [Email Address]


Dear client,

When you last logged into the CIBC Online Service,
Our system has detected an error.

You will find below the possible causes

  • You have no closed your browser after completing your operation
  • You have not disconnected from the online service after completing your operation
  • You have closed your browser before completing your operation.
  • Your browser does not meet the minimum requirements

This error does not affect your account.
However, you must reactivate your CIBC Online Service by following the instructions below.

Please follow the instructions below to reactivate your online service.

Click Here[link removed]

2020 CIBC All rights reserved.


Type: SMS

From: 1-815-859-XXXX

Date: Mar 15, 2020

Subject: ALERTS


Your card starting with 4506** has been blocked for security reasons.
To avoid losing access to your account, please verify your information.
[link removed]

Reply STOP to cancel SMS notifications.


Type: SMS

From: 1-249-535-XXXX

Date: Feb 11, 2020

Subject: CIBC user

CIBC user# [number removed]
action needed for this account
starting with 4506-.-.-.-.

Visit: [link removed]

-CIBC identification department
REF# XG8102


Type: SMS

From: 1-888-555-XXXX

Date: Feb 11, 2020

Subject: CIBC Security

CIBC security system has detected some
unusual activity. Please verify your identity in
order to avoid suspension.

[link removed]


Type: SMS

From: 1-778-881-XXXX

Date: Feb 10, 2020

Subject: Client # [number removed]

client# [number removed],
unfortunately we weren’t
able to authenticate the
ownership of your account.

Visit: [link removed]


Type: SMS

From: 1-306-251-XXXX

Date: Jan 16, 2020

Subject: CIBC ALERT(1)

Account verification in
Confirm your information to
regiain access.
[link removed]


Type: Email

From: CIBC Bank

Date: January 15, 2020

To: [Email Address]

Subject: 9766020145 [randomly generated number]

Notification ID: 9766020145 [randomly generated number]

For your protection, you must verify this activity
before you can continue using your account.
We will review the activity on your account with you
and upon verification we will remove any
restrictions placed on your bank accounts.

Update your account now. [link removed]

If you choose to ignore our request, you leave us no
choice but to temporarily suspend your account.

Yours sincerely,
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce


Type: SMS

From: 1-204-283-XXXX

Date: Jan 15, 2020

Subject: From: CIBC Bank

From: CIBC Bank
Your Chequing
4506 44XX has
Debited with CAD
On 15 Jan
Total Acc Balance
CAD 18,432.00
To Mobile CIBC:
[link removed]

CIBC Alerts : Online Banking disabled !

Type: Email

From: CIBC []

Date: December 17, 2019

To: [Email Address]

Subject: CIBC Alerts : Online Banking disabled !

This is a service email from CIBC .

As a security precaution we’ve closed your account(s)
Because we found 1 security
Issue on your account !
Take the 2-minute to re-activate your account (s) and to take more secure !

Please Sign In Online Banking [link removed] then follow prompts so we can reactivate
your online banking .

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, © 2019

Privacy & Security | Legal

This email was sent to: [Email Removed]

Please do not reply to this email, as it was sent from an unmonitored account.

You are receiving this email as part of your security alerts subscription that you have requested. To make changes to your subscription, simply log on to CIBC online banking.

This email was sent by: CIBC, P.O. Box 342 Commerce Court Toronto, ON M5L 1G2, Canada


Type: SMS

From: 1-807-XXX-XXXX

Date: Dec 13, 2019

Subject: Enter this 4-Digit

Enter this 4-Digit
0182 in ClBC
One-time-link :
[link removed]
Confirm your last
Foreign Cash Order.


Type: SMS part 1

From: 416-567-XXXX

Date: Oct 28, 2019

Subject: [Number removed] CIBC Customer Care

[Number removed] CIBC Customer Care, Access Card as starting 4506 XXXX XXXX XXXX. Is disabled for usage; : 2UH2SY. Type Y for Help


Type: SMS part 2

From: 416-567-XXXX

Date: Oct 28, 2019

Please sign in using our secure link below, to restore all access.

[link removed]

This (site/link) will expire.

Urgent Attention Required

Type: Email

From: CIBC

Date: Oct 27, 2019

To: [Email Address]

Subject: Urgent Attention Required

Dear Customer,

This is to let you know you have to update your account information within the next 24 hours in order to protect it. Your account will be placed on hold, and we will limited your access to your online banking if you fail to update your account information.

Once your account is updated, your online access will be back to normal. We are sorry for any inconvenience this might cause, and this process will not take more than 3 minutes.

To update your account, please follow this link [link removed]

CIBC online Team