Help us protect your information

To benefit from the security of the CIBC Digital Banking Guarantee, you need to do your part to help us protect your information and finances. This means meeting your responsibilities under your agreements with us, including:

  • Carefully selecting your password and never disclosing it to anyone
  • Not keeping copies of your password stored anywhere on any internet-enabled device you use to access CIBC Mobile Banking
  • Reviewing your statements and reporting errors within the time periods set out in your account agreement
  • Assisting us in any investigation into improper access to your accounts
  • Setting a passcode on your mobile device for increased security to prevent unauthorized access to your one-time verification code when it is sent to you when you perform a sensitive transaction

For full information, read the CIBC Digital Banking Guarantee and our Electronic Access Agreement, and the other agreements for your products and services. The guarantee is governed by the terms of these agreements.

*CIBC Digital Banking Guarantee only applies to CIBC Mobile Banking and Brokerage users. The guarantee does not include any other CIBC Mobile services.

Contact us

If you have questions or would like to contact us about CIBC Mobile Banking, call us at 1-877-433-1902Opens your phone app..