Have a secure in-person branch experience

We'll verify your identity each time you visit a CIBC banking centre. This is to protect you, your information and your assets, as well as our CIBC employees.

Use multi-factor authentication 

We validate your identity using 2 or more verification methods. Using these techniques increases our security, protects you and mitigates any potential risks.

Verify you and your transactions

We'll authenticate your identity at our CIBC banking centre for any monetary or non-monetary transactions.

Stay safe from fraud

Our security measures and verification methods help safeguard your money and accounts, and minimize the risk of fraud and identify theft.

Our in-person authentication methods

To make things easier for you, please have the following ready: 

  • Your CIBC debit or CIBC credit card

  • Your mobile device, to receive our notification with a unique one-time verification code (OTVC). Share the OTVC with the banking representative to authenticate you.
  • Your government-issued photo ID, such as your driver's license or passport. We use it to verify your identity, using secured scanning technology. In some circumstances, we may need more than one ID for confirmation.

These security measures help safeguard your money, minimize the risk of fraud and identity theft, and make our banking centre safer for everyone.

Additional verification methods

Your security is important to us. In some situations, we may ask you to provide additional information to validate your identity. 

We'll ask you questions that only you, as the account holder, would be able to answer. These questions may be different each time you visit a banking center.

We'll connect with our Secondary Support team by phone to help complete the verification process. We may bring you into a private office to protect your privacy.

When we require your signature to authorize a transaction, we'll compare it to the account opening signature we have on file.

Your in-person authentication questions answered

Learn more about our verification methods

Two-step verification

An extra layer of security that confirms your identity by a unique code.

Voice verification

Technology that uses your voice to help protect you from fraud in real time.

Interac® verification service

A digital identity service that helps verify you with trusted third parties.