How to set and manage alerts

What you’ll need

  • A CIBC bank account

What you do

  1. Sign on to CIBC Online Banking®  and select “Manage My Alerts” or sign on to CIBC Mobile Banking® 
    Alerts are notifications that CIBC sends you to keep you informed of transactions and monitor your CIBC accounts.
  2. Select the box beside any alert you want to get
    You can get Reminders, Fraud Prevention, and Transaction alerts. Some Fraud Prevention alerts can’t be turned off and will inform you of any unusual activity that has occurred in any of your CIBC accounts. 
  3. Choose how you want to get alerts 
    All alerts are sent automatically to My Messages by default. You can also choose to get them by email, text message, or push notifications.
  4. Select “Save”

You can manage your alerts using