Transcript: CIBC Fraud Alerts

[Introducing new Fraud Alerts that conveniently and instantly protects you against credit card fraud.] 

[CIBC credit card with shield.] 

[“CIBC: Banking that fits your life” logo.]

CIBC has introduced a new feature that conveniently protects you against fraud. When we detect possible fraudulent activity on your CIBC debit or credit card,

[Client taps their CIBC credit card on a payment terminal to pay for their purchase.]

you’re instantly notified and given details of the suspicious transaction.

[The client’s phone with a Fraud Alert message from CIBC about the transaction.]

With quick transaction confirmation at your fingertips,

[The client replies to the message and another SMS message from CIBC appears.]

we confirm the transaction is yours and you can continue hassle-free with your purchase.

[A woman sitting on a bench in a park.] 

If you confirm the transaction is not yours,

[A phone with a CIBC Fraud Alert message on the screen.]

[The client responds telling CIBC the transaction was not theirs.]

your card is immediately blocked and you are provided with a CIBC phone number to call.

[An SMS message from CIBC that lists the proper actions for the client to take.]

If responding via text is not convenient, we will contact you 

[Incoming call from CIBC on a mobile phone screen.]

by telephone or email.

[A laptop with "CIBC Transaction Verification is required" on the screen.]

To benefit from these alerts, make sure your contact information is up-to-date through CIBC Mobile or Online Banking, by calling us, or by visiting your nearest CIBC banking center.

CIBC. Banking that fits your life.

[“CIBC: Banking that fits your life” logo.]

[Android App on Google play.]

[Download on the App store.]

[CIBC does not charge any fees for Fraud Alerts. However, wireless carriers may impose standard message fees.]

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