An easy way to manage your U.S. funds

Convert less, save more

Earn interest on every dollar you save1

Access your U.S. dollars quickly and easily


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Save your U.S. dollars and avoid currency fluctuation when you travel or shop across the border

Watch your savings grow

Earn interest on every U.S. dollar you save. Plus, control when you convert funds by waiting for favourable exchange rates.

Explore cross-border banking

Make real-time cross-border transfers between your Canada-based accounts and the CIBC Bank USA Smart Account™.

Learn about cross-border banking for CIBC clients

Bank your way

Bank when, where and how you want with CIBC Online Banking® and our award-winning CIBC Mobile Banking® App. We deliver the access you expect with nearly 4,000 ATMs across Canada.

Get an alert before you’re overdrawn

CIBC Smart Balance Alert™, 3 gives you a heads-up when your account is short on funds. That gives you time to make a transfer and avoid a non-sufficient funds (NSF) fee and a declined payment. 


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Plan for retirement

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