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This is the amount of money you want to use to start investing. The more you can invest up front, the more you can take advantage of compounding interest.


This is the amount you will regularly put towards investing and how often you will contribute that amount. The minimum amount for a regular contribution is $25.

  • The maximum weekly contribution amount is $2000.

  • The maximum biweekly contribution amount is $4000.

  • The maximum monthly contribution amount is $8000.

The investment term is the number of years you plan to invest your money. Choose a longer investment term to increase your compound interest return.

We'll use this number to calculate how your investment will grow. We've provided three suggested rates based on different investment strategies. Rates of return can vary due to many different factors. If you have any questions, please reach out to a CIBC advisor who can help you understand realistic return expectations based on your investment holdings.

The expected rate of return is based on a full year of investment. If you withdraw your money in the middle of a year, you'll only realize a portion of the potential gains.

Your projected investment growth

Based on your contributions and expected interest rate, this is what your investment will look like at the end of your selected term:

Total contribution

Total interest

Total investment value

  Your contribution
  Simple interest
  Compound interest

Simple interest is when the amount of your investment contributions grow by the expected rate of return.

Compound interest is when the amount of your investment contribution plus all of its previous interest earnings grow by the rate of return. It's when you earn interest on interest.

Year Your

Advice, tailored for you

Advice, tailored for you

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