RRSP Express®

A quick and easy way to contribute to a new or existing CIBC RRSP in minutes.

Select from one of the options below to apply right now.

(Spousal RRSP contributions can be made by calling Online Banking at 1-888-872-2422 or by visiting any CIBC branch.)

RRSP Savings Account

Guaranteeing your principal and interest, this is an ideal RRSP starter account or short-term alternative for parking your RRSP funds.

Self-Directed RRSP

A Self-Directed RRSP with CIBC Investor's edge means taking control of your financial future. It's about making your own decisions, and having the tools to do so efficiently.

Cashable RRSP GICs

Guarantees your principal and allows you the flexibility to redeem early 1.
A 1-year GIC with the ultimate in flexibility; access your money at any time, with interest if you redeem 30 days or more after the issue date.
Increasing annual rates over a 3- or 5-year term and access to your money on each anniversary date or up to 7 days after.
A guaranteed fixed interest rate; withdraw your money at any time at specific early redemption rates.

Non-Redeemable RRSP GICs

Non-redeemable GICs usually offer a higher rate of return compared with cashable RRSP GICs. They are ideal if you don't need to access your funds before maturity.
Earn a rate above our regular RRSP GIC rates on selected short- and long-terms offered on a time-limited basis. 1
Total security of guaranteed interest, plus full protection of your principal. 1

Index-Linked RRSP GICs 2

Allows you to take advantage of the growth potential of investing in Canadian stock markets, but with full protection of your principal.
Allows you to take advantage of the growth potential of a market-linked return, but with full protection of your principal.
CIBC Stock Market Advantage® RRSP GIC

To purchase, visit a branch
or call 1-888-480-2422, option 2.
Higher return potential based on the performance of a leading Canadian market index.

1 If you withdraw funds from your RRSP, tax will apply to the withdrawn funds.

2 With index-linked GICs, your initial investment is guaranteed; however, the rate of return is not guaranteed.

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