Cashable RRSP GICs

Cashable RRSP GICs guarantee your principal and allow you the flexibility to redeem early.1

Non-redeemable RRSP GICs

Non-redeemable GICs usually offer a higher rate of return compared with Cashable RRSP GICs. They are ideal if you don’t need to access your funds before maturity.

Index-linked RRSP GICs

Allows you to take advantage of the unlimited growth potential of investing in Canadian and global stock markets, but with full protection of your principal.3

Need help choosing the right RRSP GIC?

A 1 year GIC with the ultimate flexibility. Enjoy guaranteed returns with the freedom to access your money when you need it.

Need help choosing the right RRSP GIC?

Earn guaranteed interest at a great rate that won't change over your term.

Need help choosing the right RRSP GIC?

A GIC for investors that want the growth potential of a market-linked return, but also want full protection of their principal. 3 and 5 year investment terms are available.