CIBC Managed Portfolio Services

CIBC's Managed Portfolio Services are an all-in-one fund solution. We'll help you select a professionally managed portfolio of CIBC Mutual Funds that's right for you. You'll get access to leading investment managers and ongoing monitoring and rebalancing of your retirement portfolio. 

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  • Range of portfolios to meet your needs
  • Diversification to manage risk
  • Continuous monitoring of portfolios

CIBC Market Linked GICs

The performance of CIBC's Market Linked GICs is directly related to the performance of a group of shares, funds or a broad-based index. You are guaranteed the repayment of your principal at maturity, in addition to potential interest payment(s) during the term or at maturity. 

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  • Market exposure with 100% principal protection
  • Potential for higher returns than traditional GICs
  • Safe and secure

CIBC Mutual Funds

Whether you're a savings-oriented investor, a growth-oriented investor or somewhere in between, we offer a comprehensive selection of mutual funds for all investor types. 

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  • Low, medium and higher-risk funds
  • Affordable, easy to buy and sell
  • Wide range of Savings, Income and Growth Funds


CIBC RRSP Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs) provide you with safe and flexible RRSP options. If you have a CIBC bank account, you can open a new CIBC RRSP GIC account or contribute to your existing RRSP account anytime. 

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  • Guaranteed principal and guaranteed growth
  • Range of products, terms and time horizons
  • Safe and flexible

CIBC RRSP Daily Interest Savings Account

An ideal RRSP starter account with guaranteed principal and interest.

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  • Access to your funds anytime
  • Earn competitive daily interest
  • Start with just $25.00

CIBC Investor's Edge® Self-Directed RRSP

A self-directed RRSP with CIBC Investor's Edge gives you the freedom to choose the investments that best suit your financial goals. This account can contain stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, bonds and other securities. 

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  • Access to a wide selection of research tools and reports
  • Flexibility to trade online or with our mobile app
  • Starting from $6.95 per trade

CIBC Personal Portfolio Services

For clients with $100,000 or more in household investable assets, this program offers professional investment management with exclusive client servicing. 

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  • Tailored financial plan
  • Regular portfolio monitoring
  • Broadly diversified portfolios