$20 Tim Cash™ Welcome Bonus2

That’s enough to make you a morning hero at work

Earn 1% Tim Cash™ on all purchases1

Redeem it instantly3 at Tim Hortons for your favourite goodies

Free Tims treats just for being a cardholder

Get free featured products every weekend, early access to new products and exclusive offers4

No annual fee
Each additional card (up to 3): $0

Interest rate
RDS%rate[2].VSTIM.Published(null,null,6,null)(#O2#)% for purchases5
RDS%rate[2].VSTIM.Published(null,null,3,null)(#O2#)% for cash5

Minimum annual income
$15,000 household

Calculate how much Tim Cash you could be earning

This tool is currently unavailable. Please see Overview and Advice.

More to love about this card

A person's cheque

Pay how you want

Lighten your wallet with dual card technology — it’s both a CIBC Visa* credit card and a Tim Card® 

A jar of collected coins

Earn maximum rewards

No limit to how much Tim Cash you can collect and redeem

Tim Hortons coffee and a donut

Redeem Tim Cash

No saving up for ages to get rewards — collect and redeem Tim Cash often and instantly3

Valuable insurance included with your card

Purchase Security and Extended Protection Insurance6

Optional insurance

CIBC Travel Insurance