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Tax-Free Savings Account

Self-Directed TFSA

With a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA), you can set money aside in eligible investment vehicles without paying tax on income and gains earned within the TFSA. Eligible investments that you can place in your TFSA portfolio include cash deposits, GICs, mutual funds, stocks and bonds (similar to what's available for RRSPs).

You are able to withdraw funds from your TFSA any time and for any purpose without incurring tax, though restrictions may apply depending on the investments that are held in your TFSA.

Cashable TFSA GICs

A 1-year GIC with the ultimate in flexibility; access your money at any time, with interest if you redeem 30 days or more after the issue date.
Increasing annual interest rates over a 3- or 5- year term, and access to your money with interest on each anniversary. 1,2
Guaranteed fixed interest rate; withdraw your money at any time at specific early redemption rates.

Non-Redeemable TFSA GICs

Premium returns over a 3- or 5- year term, with increasing annual interest rates. 1
Earn a premium interest rate above our regular rates on select terms (available periodically). 1
Total security of guaranteed interest plus full protection of your principal. 1

Market Linked GICs (TFSA eligible)

Guaranteed fixed-term investments that combine the security of traditional GICs with the potential to earn a higher, market-linked return in one simple solution.

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