CIBC TFSA Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs) provide you with safe and flexible investment options. You're guaranteed to keep what you invest, while earning competitive interest on your money, tax-free.

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Which TFSA GIC is for me?

CIBC has an outstanding selection of innovative TFSA GICs, with terms ranging from 2 months to 5 years. Typically, the longer the term, the higher the rate of interest earned.

Cashable TFSA GICs - Access to your money

Cashable TFSA GICs provide the flexibility to redeem early to cover an unforeseen expense (such as house repairs, job loss, or medical crisis), or to take advantage of an opportunity.


A 1-year GIC with the ultimate in flexibility; access your money at any time, with interest if you redeem after 30 days or more after the issue date

CIBC Cashable Escalating Rate TFSA GIC™

Increasing annual interest rates over a 3- or 5- year term, and access to your money with interest on each anniversary2,3

CIBC TFSA GIC (Redeemable)

Guaranteed fixed interest rate; withdraw your money at any time at specific early redemption rates

Non-redeemable TFSA GICs - Maximize your returns

Non-redeemable TFSA GICs usually offer a higher rate of return. They are ideal when you know you won't need to access your money for a certain period of time and can be used to help reach financial goals, such as saving for a major purchase.

CIBC Escalating Rate TFSA GIC™

Premium returns over a 3- or 5- year term, with increasing annual interest rates2


Earn a premium interest rate above our regular rates on select terms (available periodically)2

CIBC TFSA GIC (Non-Redeemable)

Total security of guaranteed interest plus full protection of your principal2

Market Linked GICs - Diversification in one solution

Market linked GICs allow you to take advantage of the growth potential of a market-linked return, but with full protection of your principal. Market Linked GICs are TFSA eligible.

CIBC Market Linked GICs

Guaranteed fixed term investments that combine the security of traditional GICs with the potential to earn a higher, market-linked return in one simple solution.

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