A CIBC Credit card just for you

Different credit cards offer different benefits and features. No matter your goals or spending habits, there’s a CIBC credit card that’s right for you.    

Understand key credit card terms

Whether you want to choose a card, manage your credit or review your statement, understanding key terms can help you save on fees and get the most out of your credit card. Visit the button below to learn more about these key terms.   

Annual fee | Amount due | Balance transfer| Cash advance| Credit limit | Grace period | Interest rates| Minimum payment | Overlimit fee

Manage your spending with CIBC tools

Learn about the features and tools that give you more control over your spending, while letting you use your card the way you want to.   

Set up spend and credit alerts    
Hands passing money
Add authorized user spend limits    
Set up regular payments    
Point of sale terminal
Add an overlimit block
Bag of money
Request a credit limit increase

Explore more tips to save on credit card fees

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