Stay on budget

Reduce interest payments with a low interest rate credit card.

Passenger protection1

Get accident coverage with Common Carrier Accident Insurance

Consolidate and save

Transfer balances to this card to reduce interest charges 

Annual fee
$29 (first year rebated)
Each additional card (up to 3): $0

Interest rate
RDS%rate[2].VSSEL.Published(null,null,6,null)(#R#)% for purchases2
RDS%rate[2].VSSEL.Published(null,null,3,null)(#R#)% for cash2

Minimum annual income 
$15,000 household

Transfer your credit card balance and get 0% interest for up to 10 months with a 1% transfer fee.

You can transfer up to 50% of your assigned credit limit

If you choose to carry a balance and you make your minimum payments on time, a balance transfer could save you money on interest

Take advantage of this 0% introductory interest rate on balance transfers for your first 10 months. You’ll only have to pay a 1% fee when you transfer your balance from another card to the CIBC Select Visa Card

This balance transfer offer is only available at the time of your online application. Simply tick the checkbox to select the balance transfer option when you’re filling out your application

Once you take advantage of this offer, you will have a promotional rate balance on your account. As a result, you will lose your interest-free grace period on new purchases unless you pay your amount due, including any promotional rate balances, in full each month. While you will enjoy the promotional rate on the balances you transfer by using this offer, new purchases will be subject to the purchase interest rate.

Valuable insurance included with your card

$100,000 Common Carrier Accident Insurance1

Optional insurance for your card

CIBC Emergency Travel Medical Insurance 3
Shield with credit card
CIBC Payment Protector™ Insurance for Credit Cards4