Government relief options

Temporary extension of Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) and Allowance payments

The Government of Canada is temporarily extending GIS and Allowance payments if seniors’ 2019 income information has not been assessed.

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One-time tax-free payment 

The Government of Canada launched a one-time tax-free payment for seniors to provide financial support of up to $500 to individuals who are eligible to receive the Old Age Security pension or the Guaranteed Income Supplement to help them cover increased costs caused by COVID-19.

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Other government programs for individuals

For a current list of all government programs and measures, visit Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response PlanOpens a new window in your browser..

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CIBC programs

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Free Interac e-Transfers® for seniors 

The $1.50 Interac e-Transfer fee will be eliminated for our clients age 65+ and those receiving the CIBC 60 Plus Advantage® benefit.

Send money to family and friends from the comfort of your home.

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Powers of attorney (POA)

To help contain the spread of COVID-19, we’re letting clients set up POA remotely.

To start the setup process, phone your personal financial advisor. If you don’t have a financial advisor, leave a message for the Banking Centre Leader at your nearest branch. Note: Some banking centres are closed or have reduced hours. To find the most up-to-date hours, use our branch locatorOpens a new window in your browser..

Learn more about powers of attorney and joint accounts

A red banking centre.

Front of the line at banking centres

In our banking centres, we’re prioritizing seniors and persons with disabilities to the front of the line so we can serve you quickly and safely. During normal business hours, you’ll receive priority service and have your banking taken care of by our next available team member. A staff member will invite you out of the line, or you can identify yourself.

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Priority telephone routing

We’ve launched priority phone routing for seniors age 75 and older, helping to make it faster, easier and safer for you to get your everyday banking done by phone. This new measure means that clients who are age 75 and older will automatically be moved to the front of the line when calling telephone banking.

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Accessible print materials

There are Braille and large print communication options available for select print materials. Statements for your CIBC deposit accounts and CIBC Visa* accounts can be provided to you in a selection of accessible formats.  

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Advice and well-being

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Protect yourself against COVID-19 scams

There's been a rise in scams that play on fears related to the pandemic. Be cautious of emails, calls and texts that ask you to share any personal information or to provide immediate payment.

As always, don’t share your personal information, including your Social Insurance Number (SIN) or banking information, such as card number, expiry date, PINs or passwords, with anyone.

Learn moreabout potential scams.

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5 money talks to have with your partner

You may want to use some extra time together to engage in more meaningful money conversations with your partner. If you’re ready but don't know where to start, follow these conversation-starters and pointers from CIBC experts.

Learn more in Five money talks you need to have with your partner (PDF, 460 KB) Opens a new window in your browser.

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Lending money to your children

If, because of the current economic climate, one of your adult children may need to ask you for a loan, consider how to avoid some of the potential pitfalls.

Learn moreabout lending money to your children.

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Retirement planning and living-in-retirement resources

Whether your retirement is approaching or you’re living in retirement, we want to help you make it great. 

Here are some answers to questions you may have at different stages of your retirement journey. 

Learn moreabout retirement planning.

Advice for today

Here are some additional resources to help you take care of your finances, your family and your future.

Ways to bank


To meet your banking needs during these uncertain times, we're offering as many digital options as possible. With CIBC Online Banking® and CIBC Mobile Banking®, you're in control. To download the mobile banking app, text CIBC to 101010.

Contactless payments

Tap more. Touch less. You can now tap your CIBC credit cards for purchases up to $250. You can also tap credit cards stored on your phone. Available at participating retailers. 

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Some banking centres are closed, but ATMs are still available.