Transcript: How to register for CIBC Mobile Banking® and CIBC Online Banking®

Register for CIBC Mobile Banking® and CIBC Online Banking®: register once to bank on all your devices.

Registering for digital banking is easy. Just download the CIBC Mobile Banking App® or head to to start.

[CIBC digital banking is displayed on a tablet, smartphone, laptop and desktop computer. “Available on the App Store” logo. “Android App on Google Play” logo.]

Enter your debit or credit card details and select Register.

[On a screen, a user enters a card number and password. The user selects the Remember Card checkbox, then the Sign On button.]

For your security, tell us where to send your verification code.

[A Confirm Your Identity screen shows three contact methods: email, call or text. The user enters a phone number in the Call field and selects the Send button.]

When you receive it, enter the code.

[On the Verification code screen, the user enters the code and selects the Submit button.]

Then, create a password.

[From the Create your password screen, the user enters a password, then selects the Submit button.]

And thanks to one-time registration, you’re ready to bank from your mobile or desktop device.

[A sign-on screen displays completed card number and password fields.]

If you ever need it, select “Forgot your password?” and follow the steps for a reset.

[The Forgot Password screen prompts the user to enter the card number and expiry date.]

If your device supports fingerprint sign-on, you can use that to sign on.

[The user presses the fingerprint identity sensor on a smartphone to sign on.]

And the mobile banking app even works on your Apple Watch.

[An Apple Watch shows three menu options: Accounts, Transfer and Find Us.]

[“CIBC: Banking that fits your life” logo.]