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Just starting out

You may have just started working and retirement seems so far off in the future however, retirement planning needs to start somewhere. CIBC's advisors can help guide your retirement plan with investment solutions that meet your needs.

Paul and Lydia: "We know we should be saving for our retirement, but we are unsure how to start. We need to learn more about investing so we can feel confident about our decisions. How can we start saving for our future without giving up the things we love today?"

I can only invest a small amount, is that enough?

Our investment solutions allow for retirement savings regardless of the amount of your budget – small amounts add up, too. You may spend $5 a day for your morning latte. Trimming back on this expense could save you $25 a week and a $100 a month, which is a great start. It's easy to increase your contributions at any time. 

Monthly investments can add up

Line graph showing that $100 monthly contributions add up to over $60,000 after 18 years; $150 per month becomes around $90,000 after 18 years, and $200 per month trends to nearly $130,000 after 18 years

This is a hypothetical example to show the benefits of making monthly investments over time. It assumes an initial investment of $2,500 and an average annual return of 7%. This chart does not represent any actual investment, and the projections are before taxes. The value and return may vary, and different investments may perform better or worse than this example.