Flexibility while you save for your future

Invest at your own pace

With a low minimum investment of only $25, you can start your RRSP savings now while you decide what to do in the long term.

Safe and flexible, with easy access to your money

Your principal and interest are always guaranteed and if something comes up and you need to access the funds in your RRSP, you can make withdrawals at any time.

Grow your savings faster

Tiered interest is calculated daily and paid to you monthly. You can also set up a Regular Investment Plan to maximize your compound interest.

No fees

You don’t pay any fees on your account, unless you transfer all or part of your RRSP funds to another financial institution ($100 fee applies).

How we’re helping you save


  • Tiered interest rate structure with rates that increase as your savings grow
  • Interest is calculated on the daily closing balance and is paid monthly

Current RRSP DISA rates

A calculator with a notepad and pen.

Discover your retirement goal

Unsure how much you need to save for retirement? Our calculator can help bring clarity and offer tips on saving for the retirement of your dreams.

Make the most of tax-sheltered plans

An RRSP and a TFSA can help you meet your financial goals

Registered Retirement Savings Plan
Tax-Free Savings Account
Long-term goal, i.e. retirement Short-term goals
Tax deduction for contribution No tax deduction for contribution
Withdrawals are taxable income Withdrawals are tax-free
Withdrawals made when you are retired will potentially be taxed at a lower rate Withdrawals can be re-contributed in a later year
Each calendar year you can contribute up to your RRSP maximum contribution limit for the year; unused contribution room can be carried forward. Each calendar year, you can contribute up to the TFSA dollar limit for the year ($5,500 in 2016); unused contribution room can be carried forward.

For details, see "Should You Contribute to Your TFSA or Your RRSP?" Find out more about RRSPs and TFSAs

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