Why choose a CIBC Variable Rate GIC?


Easy access

Low minimum investment

How much interest will you earn?

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1-year CIBC Variable Rate GIC
Posted rate: RDS%rate[4].VRGIC.Published(1_null_null_Year_T,1000.0_-_24999.99_CAD_Balance,21,1)(#O2#)%

Term and rate


1 year RDS%rate[4].VRGIC.Published(1_null_null_Year_T,1000.0_-_24999.99_CAD_Balance,21,1)(#O2#)% + %rate[4].VRGIC.Published(1_null_null_Year_T,1000.0_-_24999.99_CAD_Balance,17,1)(#O2#)%

For posted rates, go to GIC rates.

What you need to know




Access your money at any time. If you cash out early, there's a minimum withdrawal amount based on how much you invested


  • The rate is linked to the CIBC Prime Rate, and will change one day after the CIBC Prime Rate changes
  • Simple interest is calculated and paid at maturity
  • If you cash out in the first 29 days, you're not paid interest
  • If you cash out after 29 days, you're paid full interest up to the day you withdraw your money


No fees


You can automatically renew your GIC when it matures4 or deposit your principal and interest into your bank account

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How to invest in a CIBC Variable Rate GIC

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What you need to get started

• Your Social Insurance Number

• You must be living in Canada

• A CIBC personal bank account to fund your GIC

Need an account? Apply for a bank account

• You must be registered for Online and Mobile Banking

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Fill out the application

Applying online only takes about 5 minutes. Want us to guide you through the application? Call us or visit a CIBC Banking Centre. If you're already a client, you'll spend less time applying.5

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Review the details online

Keep tabs on your GIC using CIBC Online Banking®. Check your maturity date, interest rate, deposit amount and more at any time.

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CIBC is a member of Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC). GICs are eligible for CDIC coverage to a maximum of $100,000.