Why choose a CIBC EasyBuilder GIC?

This GIC is right for you if you want to maximize your returns without parking all your money into one long-term investment. We use a strategy called laddering to split your money into 5 GICs. Each one has a different maturity date, from 1 to 5 years. As each term matures, we reinvest your money into a new 5-year GIC.

Competitive rates

Stay a step ahead

Access to your savings

How much interest will you earn?

Terms and rates


1 year RDS%rate[4].EZGIC.Published(1_null_null_Year_T,500.0_-_999999.99_CAD_Balance,21,1)(#O2#)%
2 year RDS%rate[4].EZGIC.Published(2_null_null_Year_T,500.0_-_999999.99_CAD_Balance,21,1)(#O2#)%
3 year RDS%rate[4].EZGIC.Published(3_null_null_Year_T,500.0_-_999999.99_CAD_Balance,21,1)(#O2#)%
4 year RDS%rate[4].EZGIC.Published(4_null_null_Year_T,500.0_-_999999.99_CAD_Balance,21,1)(#O2#)%
5 year RDS%rate[4].EZGIC.Published(5_null_null_Year_T,500.0_-_999999.99_CAD_Balance,21,1)(#O2#)%

What you need to know




Each year, you can withdraw 20% of your initial investment


You can choose from 2 options:

  • Simple interest, which is calculated and paid annually
  • Compound interest, which is calculated annually and paid at maturity


No fees


When each term matures, your money is automatically invested into a 5-year term3, unless you notify us before maturity and we can repay you based on your instructions

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How to invest in a CIBC EasyBuilder GIC

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What you need to get started

• Your Social Insurance Number

• You must be living in Canada

• A CIBC personal bank account or line of credit to fund your GIC

Need an account? Apply for a bank account or line of credit

• Your GIC account number if you plan to use that account

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Fill out the application

Call us or visit a banking centre. Already a CIBC client? Your application is even shorter.4

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Review the details online

Keep tabs on your GIC using CIBC Online Banking®. Check your maturity date, interest rate, deposit amount and more at any time.

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CIBC is a member of Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC). GICs are eligible for CDIC coverage to a maximum of $100,000.