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Staggering the maturity dates of your GIC portfolio, also known as "laddering", is a great way to maximize returns, receive convenient access to your funds and reduce reinvestment risk.

Looking for a safe investment that guarantees growth? Our CIBC Escalating Rate GICs offer premium returns and interest rates guaranteed to increase each year, while CIBC Cashable Escalating Rate GICs also offer access to your money.

Diversify your portfolio with these innovative GIC solutions from CIBC. With CIBC's 3-and 5-year Index-Linked GICs, your principal is always 100% guaranteed and you can benefit from the higher return potential of the stock market. Your return is based on the performance of major Canadian and international market indices.

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Answering your questions on T5/RL-3 and NR4 tax slips.

CIBC Index-Linked GICs are a safe way to benefit from the potential returns of investing in stock markets. Your initial investment is 100% guaranteed, and the interest on your investment is based on the performance of well-known indices from Canadian or international markets.

CIBC Escalating Rate GICs

Earn rates guaranteed to increase each year.

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