How does Interac e-Transfer work?

Send money to your grandkids or others in Canada with Interac e-Transfer by using CIBC Online Banking® on your computer or CIBC Mobile Banking® on your mobile phone. Do it all without paying the fee.

Keep in mind, other fees applicable to your chequing account still apply

Some CIBC chequing accounts include a fixed number of transactions2 per month in the account fee.

When you complete an Interac e-Transfer, it’s considered a transaction and counts toward the fixed number of transactions included with your chequing account. This means you could be charged a transaction fee of $1.25 for each transaction above your fixed number of transactions, including Interac e-Transfers.

Helpful tips for sending Interac e-Transfers

Before sending an Interac e-Transfer, double-check that the information is correct, including the contact information for the person you are sending it to, and the dollar amount of the Interac e-Transfer. This will help to avoid having to stop the Interac e-Transfer, which incurs a $3.50 fee.

Create a difficult and unique security question when you send an Interac e-Transfer. Don’t include your security answer in your question or share the answer over email, text or social media.

Note: if the recipient is registered for Autodeposit from Interac e-Transfer, you won’t be asked to enter a question and answer.

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