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Frequently asked questions

Statements are usually issued monthly. But, you'll get quarterly statements if there's been no activity on your account.

If you have mutual fund accounts with a broker other than CIBC, your statements aren't available online; your broker mails them to you.

Confirmations are issued when you buy or sell stock. You can opt to get these documents electronically. Otherwise, they're mailed to you.

For all investment accounts from 2017 onward, you'll get a year-end account report, issued in January. You’ll get the report the same way you receive your monthly statements, online or by mail. Learn more about your investment report.

ACB values aren't included in tax summary reports. To learn more about finding ACB values, call your CIBC advisor or the Imperial Investor Service Contact Centre.

Statements for registered and non-registered GICs are mailed quarterly as either individual statements or as part of a consolidated statement.

GIC tax slips aren’t issued when the investment income is less than $50, but you still need to report the income on your income tax return.

You can get mutual fund statements for CIBC Personal Portfolio Services and CIBC Securities Inc. online when you opt for eStatements. If you need copies of statements issued before you opted in to eStatements, contact your CIBC financial advisor.