Smart Advice Investing

Small, consistent contributions can make a big difference. Find out how your money can grow over time through regular investments.
Sep. 12, 2022 3-minute read

What is so great about regular investment plans?


You can pay yourself first


Takes advantage of dollar-cost averaging

Compound interest

Let’s talk about ways to accelerate your savings

Let’s talk numbers

Amount invested Balance after 10 years Balance after 20 years Balance after 40 years
approximate cost of a daily latte
$15,499 $40,746 $148,856
approximate cost of a monthly telecom bundle
$30,988 $81,492 $297,713
approximate cost of eating out monthly
$46,498 $122,237 $446,569

Are you ready to put it into practice?

I’m convinced! How do I get started?

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