Take the first step to get out of debt

Connect with us early

If you’re having trouble making your minimum payments on your CIBC products, getting in touch with our credit counsellors early can go a long way to prevent your existing debt from growing.

Build an action plan

We’ll work out a plan by taking into account your circumstances and the products you’re struggling to make payments on.

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Take control of your finances with our solutions

We help our clients overcome financial troubles on a daily basis with solutions that fit their needs.

Debt consolidation

Pay with points

Flex Pay

Work with our credit counsellors to improve your situation

Our credit counsellors are here to support you with practical options to help you meet your payment obligations. All you need to do is give us a call.

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Manage your expenses and savings

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Understanding debt consolidation

Find out how converting your existing debt into a loan can simplify your finances.

Learn more about whether debt consolidation can help you regain control of your finances.



How to get started with digital banking

To meet your banking needs during these unusual times, we offer as many digital options as possible. Go digital.

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How to check your credit report

Get your credit score instantly for free.

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