Learn about mortgage documents

A mortgage statement is a document you'll receive annually by mail between January and March. The following examples represent some of the information you'll find on your mortgage statement:

  • The total sum of all payments made to your mortgage
  • The amounts from your payments applied toward your principal and toward interest
  • The principal balance at the end of the statement period
  • Your current regular payment as of the statement date
  • The current interest rate at the end of the statement period
  • The remaining amortization at the end of the statement period
  • The different options available to pay down your mortgage loan faster
  • Your annual prepayment privilege
  • Your property tax payment, if applicable
  • Your creditor insurance premiums, if applicable

Learn about property taxes

Property taxes are fees that every homeowner pays to their local municipality. They are used to fund public services including garbage, recycling, snow removal, road maintenance, libraries, emergency services, public transportation and more.

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Questions you can ask our mortgage experts

Here are some common questions our clients ask us:
  • Can I have a summary of what my mortgage principal looks like today?
  • Which account does my mortgage payment come out of?
  • How much of my payment is going toward principal versus interest?
  • What is my mortgage maturity date or renewal date?
  • What are the differences between a fixed and variable rate mortgage? What are the pros and cons of each?
  • What happens when my mortgage is up for renewal? How should I be preparing?

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