CIBC Global Bond Fund

Investment objective:

To provide a high level of income and some capital growth, while attempting to preserve capital, by investing primarily in debt securities denominated in foreign currencies issued by Canadian or non-Canadian governments, or corporations, and international agencies such as the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, also known as the World Bank.

Rate Information

The Fund may be suitable for:

  • A core part of the international fixed income portion of a diversified investment portfolio
  • Those seeking higher returns and who are willing to accept some additional risk
  • Those wishing to invest for the medium term

What are the risks of investing in the Fund?

  • Currency risk, derivative risk, equity risk, fixed income risk, foreign market risk, general market risk, large investor, legal and regulatory risk, lower-rated bond risk, securities lending, repurchase and reverse repurchase agreements risk, short selling risk and sovereign debt risk
  • Refer to the Simplified Prospectus for more details

* Volatility (low to high): The lower the volatility ranking, the lower the risk of the fund. Funds with a volatility ranking of high are the most risky.

** Other dealers may have different minimum dollar requirements.

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